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    ARRL VE Newsletter March 2021 ==================================================================

    Inside this VE E-Newsletter:

    $35 Application Fee – does NOT take effect yet

    FRNs at Exam Sessions

    Remote Video-supervised Online Examinations

    Session Documents Upload Webpage

    Resources For VEs

    $35 FCC application fee in the Federal Register - does NOT take
    effect yet.

    The final rule change was published in the Federal Register today
    March 19, 2021:

    Federal Register - schedule-of-application-fees-of-the-commissions-rules

    Even though the document has an effective date of April 19, the
    Amateur Radio fees will not yet be required.

    The fee changes outlined in this order will not take effect until
    the requisite notice has been provided to Congress, the FCC's
    information technology systems and internal procedures have been
    updated, and the Commission publishes notice(s) in the Federal
    Register announcing the effective date. This will most likely be
    in the summer.

    The following application types will be subjected to the fee when
    the rule finally takes effect.

    New, Modification (Upgrade and Sequential call sign change),
    Renewal, and Vanity callsign requests will be subjected to the
    $35 application fee. There will be no fee for Administrative
    Updates (email or mailing address changes, name changes).

    The instructions on the FCC Fee Schedule are for the applicant
    to pay application fees directly to FCC via the License Manager
    System or Fee Filer System. VECs and VE teams will not have to
    collect the $35 fee at the session.

    The ARRL VEC exam fee will remain at $15.

    When the FCC application fee eventually takes effect, new and
    upgrade applicants will pay the $15 exam session fee to the VE
    team as usual, and then pay the $35 application fee directly
    to the FCC.

    FRNs Only at Exam Sessions

    The FCC has indicated VECs/VE teams should no longer be accepting
    social security numbers at exam sessions.

    Examinees should register in the FCC CORES registration system and
    receive an FRN before exam day.

    FCC CORES User Account and Registration:


    Remotely administered Online Examinations

    The remote video exam session is conducted using an online video
    conferencing platform and a web-based examination system with
    on-screen tests.

    ARRL VE teams must meet the following criteria and adhere to the
    following rules/policies to participate in the Remote video
    sessions program. Long-standing, well established teams with a
    history of adhering to the highest degree of examination integrity,
    and that consistently submit accurate exam documents consistent
    with ARRL VEC standards will be selected to participate.

    Time and experience with in-person exam sessions is invaluable when transitioning to video-supervised online exam sessions.

    Team leader experience at in-person sessions and/or training with
    an established team as a team leader for video sessions is required.

    VE teams have been using the Exam.Tools online exams for the remote
    video sessions. Interested ARRL VE team leaders must contact the VEC
    department (VEC@arrl.org) to receive the remote video sessions
    procedures and ExamTools instructions.

    Session Documents Upload Webpage

    The US Postal Service has been slow and unreliable with moving mail
    and packages through their system. Some exam session packages have
    been unexpectedly delayed.

    Uploading completed sessions as a PDF file (scanned documents) via
    the web allows for quicker processing to FCC. Please contact the VEC
    department (VEC@arrl.org) for the information on e-filing exam
    session documents through our secure upload page. Authorized VEs
    will be sent the upload page URL which is hidden from the public.

    The VE team must only accept FRNs (Federal Registration Numbers)
    at the session. Social security numbers are not permitted on any
    exam documents or session files that are uploaded. Candidates will
    have to be registered in the FCC system and have FRNs already issued.
    Refer to the FRNs at Exam Sessions item above for the examinee
    registration instructions.

    Resources for ARRL VEs

    The ARRL VEC VE Resources page (www.arrl.org/resources-for-ves) offers information you will need to help conduct exam session business. Our
    support page offers easy access to exam forms and session information,
    online exams and remote video sessions, question pools, FCC Rules,
    basic qualification question information, and much more!

    The ARRL VEC Staff is Ready to Serve You

    As always, the dedicated VEC staff are here to answer any questions
    you may have.

    ARRL VEC: 1-860-594-0300
    Address: ARRL VEC, 225 Main St, Newington CT 06111
    Email: VEC@arrl.org
    Web: www.arrl.org/volunteer-examiners
    ARRL VEC Fax: 860-594-0339

    Maria Somma, AB1FM, Manager
    Amanda Grimaldi, N1NHL, Assistant Manager
    Stephanie Borden W2MAU, Service Representative
    Ann Brinius, Service Representative
    Lisa Riendeau, Service Representative
    Joshua Nance, Service Representative

    We thank you for your efforts and interest in the ARRL VEC program.

    ARRL VEC VE Newsletter is published by the
    American Radio Relay League, Inc. - the national association for
    Amateur Radio (R).

    Material from the ARRL VE E-Newsletter may be republished or reproduced
    in whole or in part in any form without additional permission. Credit
    must be given to The American Radio Relay League VEC.

    225 Main Street
    Newington CT 06111 USA

    Maria Somma, AB1FM - VEC Manager / Editor
    ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio (R)
    225 Main Street
    Newington, CT 06111 USA

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