• What's New
    Tue Sep 12 2017 01:01 am

    A few things to note as of recent.

    Fidonet is back
    Fidonet is back online and I have removed a bunch of useless groups from it.
    If something you liked is missing please let me know and I'll add it again.

    BBSlink Network
    Big welcome to BBSlink Network to our message bases. Please hop on there and
    start some conversations.

    Please let me know if you notice anything else not working. I try to keep up
    on things but sometimes life gets in the way.

    Hope you enjoy things as they progress. Any comments or complaints can be sent
    to me directly on here.

    Mike AKA DeepEND
  • Fidonet
    Sat Sep 02 2017 02:08 pm

    The Fidonet feed we used to use closed down. We are currently attaining a new
    feed and will put a new notice on here once the new feed is online.

    Thanks for your patience.