• Greetings from da 'Peg

    From Frostynugg3ts to All on Wed Aug 23 20:24:28 2017
    Hi All,

    Just sending out a greeting to you other users. God it's been since about 1997 since I last BBSed. Thanks Mr. Internet! I miss the simplicity of BBS and the challenges around building a good BBS experience for other users. I used to run a BBS called Tomcat Alley BBS here in Winnipeg back in about 1996. It was run on Telegard and was part of Fidonet. I learned sooo much during that time and met so many people. It expanded my knowledge and put me into my career. Watching the BBS documentary was like a stroll down memory lane. I'm currently working on rebirthing Tomcat Alley BBS as I would certainly have a good user base. Being out of it so long, I'm not sure what the community is like anymore. Would be good to connect with RDBBS. Game on folks! This is gonna be fun ... again!
  • From Deepend to Frostynugg3ts on Tue Aug 29 17:59:48 2017
    Welcome! Theres lots of message bases and games to play on here.. Hope you enjoy your time. Unfortunately our Fidonet feed has disapeared so currently sorting that out. Should have it back online in the next week or so.