• Hacking Windows Vista int

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    Howdy! cO,

    To make it short, i'll codify the way I expalin it to make it

    [Bccfto be continued

    I noticed Your message and had to look at the Hex Code to see if I could
    figure out what it was.

    The funny looking Characters in the second line are $08 BS (Backspace).

    The third line has some more of them followed by $7F 4 times (I haven't
    seen any name for $7F)
    a BS
    and two instances of ESC [A (which I haven't figured out if it is a
    Printer Code or what)

    I didn't notice it or the ESC [B code in my Epson FX-86e manual.

    I haven't been reading this Echo regularly so I don't know anything about
    this Thread.

    Just my Two Cents (US) worth.

    I'll look at this Echo for a while to learn the answer.

    Thanks, it's been a interesting few hours of head scratching for me.


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    Khelair wrote to cO <=-

    Was the desired effect to have some sort of a small screen ANSI bomb take effect there? It messed up the display fairly well, at least in syncterm.

    One of the advantages of using an offline mail reader ;)

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