• Re: The Outwest BBS

    From Deavmi@VERT/EWBBS to Denngray on Sun Nov 20 11:15:17 2016
    On 2016-03-12 11:54 PM, Denngray wrote:
    Name: The Outwest BBS
    Birth: 10/15/15
    Software: Synchronet
    Sysop: Denn
    E-mail: outwestbbs@gmail.com
    Web-site: outwestbbs.com

    Number: outwestbbs.com
    MinRate: 65535
    MaxRate: 23
    Location: Clearfield, Utah

    Terminal: ANSI

    Megs: 160000000
    Msgs: 500
    Files: 105
    Nodes: 10
    Subs: 23
    Dirs: 11
    Xtrns: 11

    Desc: a Restart of my BBS from the 1990's
    Desc: Just a fun Hobby.
    Desc: Running Win 7 Pro on a thin Client PC
    Desc: Windows 32 bit, on a 100 mbit internet
    Desc: connection using Nighthawk X6 router

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A4 (Raspberry Pi)
    * Origin: Cyberia BBS | Cyberia.Darktech.Org | Kingwood, TX (0:0/0)

    outwestbbs.com doesn't seem to be registered anymore. It brought me to
    the GoDaddy page.

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