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  • Re: Mass Storage Solutions

    From Tracker1@VERT/TRN to Amcleod on Fri Jan 14 01:25:18 2011
    Amcleod wrote:
    I'm currently running 5x 2Tb drives in RAID5, so I've got ~8Tb of space online.

    2Tb is the sweet-spot right now, at about 90 bucks. In comparison, 3Tb drives
    are around $250.

    Personally, I don't like racks, enclosures or disk cards that do RAID independently. If the controller fails and you can't locate a compatible replacement, your data is stuck on the drives and you have no way of getting it
    off. I use Linux's md driver. No (potentially) irreplacible hardware to fail.

    Just curious what host OS/platform you're running... just presuming linux.. or are you using FreeNAS (BSD Based), OpenFiler or something similar?

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