• Dove Bowl Signup Sheet

    From TBird@VERT/TBIRDS to All on Sat Sep 2 12:38:42 2017
    Hey NFL Sports Fans,

    It's your Dovebowl Commish "TBird" (or at least i think that's what i'm called around these parts depending on who you ask) here from TBird's BBS, inviting you to participate in this years NFL Dovebowl, right here on Dovenet Sports.

    Pre-season is over and the Official NFL 2017-18 season begins Sept. 7th. It's a Thursday night game. Place your handle and team name below if you would like to participate. Just remember to NOT use NFL names as your franchise. Looking forward to hearing from everyone and hoping for max participation. Sign up below. Let's get this roster filled!
    Handle | Your Team Franchise Name
    TBird | Rockerz

    ... Go on, be yourself! There isn't anyone better qualified.

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