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    From art@VERT/FATCATS to Patch on Thu Jun 16 11:12:24 2016
    Re: Suggestion for SynchroNet
    By: Patch to All on Mon May 09 2016 16:56:23

    Ahoy, Patch!

    How hard would it be to add an optional function so that if someone makes
    a successful connection and uses pre-defined banned user names like 'root' or the ilk, which allows a bogus connection that says something 'nice' to the connection, places the IP address in the banned file and terminates
    the connection.


    I wrote a basic thing, to do that thing. It's called FAHKS:


    It's a bit old, from 2014,but I do still use it on Fatcats BBS.

    It lets you configure a number of "strikes", as in login tries, before the banhammer comes down. You can also configure which login names to watch for, like "root" et al.

    You can of course tweak it, and make it more advanced such as handling temporary bans. I would definitely welcome that feature.

    Kind regards,


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  • From Factor-H@VERT to ALL on Mon Sep 19 16:50:40 2016

    ... the issue where folks try to log ... using the name 'root'.

    The easiest method to solve it would be
    - No "root", or
    - the option to replace the ID for another one, or
    - the option to redirect that ID to another one.

    To note, that no more than 2 (or 4) IDs should be translated.
    This, as a measure of containment.

    Root redirection to where? Ah :)
    ... It may be a Guest, it may by Fool, it may be a Nasty.
    ... Whatever the case, it opens funny possibilities.

    Just a thought.

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