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  • Question regarding opening a new form

    From Khelair@VERT/TINFOIL to All on Fri Mar 6 06:48:43 2015
    I'm having a really ridiculous problem that I've had before here... Is there anybody around that can, once I post relevant code snippets, assist me in figuring out what I forgot before about how to bring up another form? I thought I'd copied all of the functionality that I used to bring up another window/form in this project, but I'm missing something. I know that I stumbled over bringing up another form quite a bit before (last time I worked on this project was like 3 years ago, haven't touched c# since then), and had to ask to get something obtuse about it pointed out. Anyway, if there's anybody about who'd be of assistance I'll post relevant snippets.
    Greatly appreciated & TIA, of course. :)

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