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    From Deavmi@VERT/KK4QBN to Buckaroo Banzai on Mon Aug 7 20:54:49 2017
    On 2017-03-31 09:51 PM, Buckaroo Banzai wrote:
    If anyone is interested, I have several projects, all available at SourceForge,
    that I'll willing to take some collaborators on.

    The first on is called Wycker and it is a BBS Log Analyzer, Archiover and Stats
    generator. THis one is what I am currently working on and it about 75% complete.

    Next is Serenity and it is a TinyTic/Allfix replacement. Haven't started coding on this
    one yet.

    Next is CorpWars. This is a BBS Door game along the lines of ShadowRun with a few twists. It is meant to be qa console game and I have not yet started coding this one either.

    Lastly is Firefly. It is meant to be a replacement for Argus/Radius/Taurus. I have the last code release for
    Taurus and am looking at converting it from Delphi into Free Pascal/Lazarus and
    then updating an adding to it.

    I can be reached here, or at Split Infiinty ( or at

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    Why not GitHub?

    Sourceforge is eh.

    Idk though. Just my opinion.

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