• RetroDigital BBS Closed
    Fri Jan 19 2018 08:23 pm
    RetroDigital BBS is Officially Closed. If anyone is interested you can find me
    in #RetroDigital on irc.synchro.net. or my Tilde server https://yourtilde.com/

    Thank you everyone for using this BBS, Hope the best in the future for you and

    Your ex. Sysop

  • RetroDigital BBS Closing
    Sun Jan 14 2018 12:53 am

    This has been a hard decision, However I have decided to close RetroDigital BBS
    and put my efforts and time towards other projects I have going on.
    One alternative for my users is https://amigacity.xyz/ Check them out :)

    Nothing will be changing for the IRC services I host for Synchronet IRC. They
    will continue to function and I will still be hanging around on those servers.