• 24 Track Recording

    From Nightfox@VERT/DIGDIST to The Millionaire on Thu Feb 10 19:00:35 2011
    Re: 24 Track Recording
    By: The Millionaire to All on Tue May 25 2010 19:47:25

    does anyone remember the days when you had to enter a studio to rec
    album? Wow. Those days are over now. I recorded at one once. We used at 56 track Trident studio board with a Studer A80 24 Track Multi-Track Machine with the Lexicon Prime Time Delay and the DBX Compressors, the patchbay, and many other nice goodies. I still have good memories of them.

    I haven't used a studio, but yeah, these days all you really need is some good computer software or a multi-track recorder. :)


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