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    like this one aren't graphical so how would say Comcast or COX put up

    Depends on how much the web interface has been modified I would think.

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    Hey guys,

    I am new here and have a question regarding bulletin board systems. The president is now fully supporting net neutrality which I think is a good thi and it is upsetting the ISPs. However, if the next president likes the ISPs wants Internet Fast Lanes, will that really affect BBS? Is the BBS invulnera to these ISPs since this technology has been around for decades and from the BBS documentry I saw, we are talking only needing baud speed connections. No to mention that BBS like this one aren't graphical so how would say Comcast COX put up warning images to make you pay more to view more pages?

    I'd say the dial-up BBS's are pretty invulnerable to changes with ISP's. However, the same operators, at least where I come from, also operate the landlines needed for dial-up. And there is a push to make people use internet or cell phones instead of landlines, I suppose because the landline upkeep is costly especially in the rural areas.

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