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  • Computer powers off when GFX card gets warm.

    From Boraxman@VERT/MSRDBBS to All on Thu Oct 13 20:26:06 2011
    Hi all,

    I'm in a bit of a pickle. I have a PC I've purchased a few years ago, well, I assembled it myself. The problem I am having lately, and it seems to be getting worse, is that the computer will just switch itself off if its running a program which really pushed the GFX card. The MoBo is an Asus M4A78T-E and the FGX card is an NVIDIA GTX 285. The problem is that when the core GPU temp gets to about 70 or 80, the power suddenly dies.

    It might seem clear that it is the graphics card here, but the thing of it is, that the graphics card used to be able to operate with a GPU temperature of over 80 degrees without a problem. Now the power goes it, but not at a particular temp, it might be at 70, 85 whatever. But the other thing is, the computer will not turn on, unless I switch the power to the power supply off.

    So I'm thinking it could possibly be the power supply cutting out, hence why I have to cut power to the power supply to start up the computer again. I do know that some graphics cards and CPU's will turn themselves off to save from damage, but I haven't set anything like that, and the temperature is below what would be considered a dangerous level.

    Any ideas? I suppose all I can do is to try a different graphics card or a different power supply. The power supply is 650W, but if anyone things that these symptoms clearly point to one of the other, please let me know.

    Borax Man

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