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  • Intel RAID and Windows 10?

    From Poindexter Fortran@VERT/REALITY to All on Sun Dec 13 14:10:57 2015

    I've got a Dell box with onboard RAID, and when I ran Windows 7, Matrix Storage manager worked fine -- it gave me a system tray icon to manage the array.

    I upgraded to Windows 10 and it worked fine, then did a refresh/restore and Windows removed the driver. There's no MSM for Windows 10, just Rapid Storage Technology, which should do the same thing. When I load it and reboot, I get an INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE startup Windows error.

    There's an F6 driver for RST, but I don't know if that's needed on a running installation or if I'd need to add it back in somehow.

    Does anyone have any experience with these?



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