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  • slowing down specific doors

    From Psi-Jack@VERT/DECKHVN2/DECKHVNT to xbit on Sun Jul 5 14:15:39 2015
    Re: slowing down specific doors
    By: xbit to All on Sun Jul 05 2015 06:06 am

    I have a few dos doors that are based off user keyboard responsiveness. e.g. how quickly they press the space bar. Due to todays CPUs speeds it makes games like this unusable.

    I'm guessing not much we can do for doors like this but any idea how to emulate a slower cpu?

    I've tested out Mo'Slo [] but so far i can't seem to get it to slow down the game.

    I do have a few games running in Dosbox so i might go that route next.

    Heh, I'm curious about the same thing, specifically for OO][, which has that mode, while the OO][ mode of SyncTERM helps, just a little, it's still rather quite fast and inaccurate.

    Running under DOSEMU myself. heh. If you end up finding any solutions, let me know, I'd be curious to try myself.

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