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    From KF5QEO@VERT/MAINLINE to All on Mon Feb 10 03:36:12 2014
    I've been playing around with software for assisting myself and the president, and perhaps the web master for the ham club I'm in. As is, it allows you to input the information for all the club members, including when their license expires. I also have another database setup for the events the club will be participating in. (later, I plan to also add a seperate table for the upcoming contest and special events the members might be interested in that the club itself is not necessarily participating in.) I then setup various reports to print out, or make a pdf file, or view on screen the information either the entire table, or only the data for the current month. I can add other features and reports later on if you have any ideas. I'd like to make a generic
    news letter type pdf print out. Just now I was thinking I may make a table for the meeting notes and information. Grab all the info from the meeting notes, combine with information on upcoming events and call signs whose licenses are needing to be renewed soon, make a pdf in a news letter format that can be e-mailed to all club members. Since I have the e-mail addresses of most of the club members, I may be able to e-mail the newsletter automatically from inside the program! It was my goal that other clubs may be able to use this software, so I planned on contacting various other clubs and asking if they'd be interested in using it. I honestly feel that the software is getting closer and closer to what I'd consider a release state for other clubs. If you'd like to look at what I have so far, check out

    At this time, the only catch I have to warn you about is for the date fields to work with everything, you MUST enter the dates as yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss format, you must use dashes and not slashes, you must put it in that format. (later, I'l put checking to ensure it's in the right format). Eventually, I'm going to input all dates in Zulu time, because there's a nice nifty feature that allows me to convert to local time, and most ham events are in zulu time anyway.

    The database routines use Sqlite3, you can edit the databases directly from DOS with sqlite3.exe. You can also use firefox with SQL Manager plugin.

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