• Software Defined Radio (SDR) Pioneer Vanu Gopal Bose is Dead at 52

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    Software Defined Radio (SDR) pioneer Vanu Gopal Bose died on November 11 after suffering a sudden pulmonary embolism. He was 52. Bose was the son of Bose Corp founder Amar G. Bose, who died 4 years ago at 83.

    Vanu Bose in 1998 founded Vanu Inc., which pioneered the commercialization of software defined radio and was the first company to receive FCC certification of an SDR in 2004.The firm's technology grew out of Bose's graduate research at MIT. Father and son both were MIT alumni.

    Recently, Bose's company deployed more than 40 Community Connect base stations in Puerto Rico to provide cellular service in the wake of two devastating hurricanes. 

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