• Radio Amateurs in Spain, Argentina Gain New and Extended Bands

    From ARRL de WD1CKS@VERT/WLARB to QST on Thu Nov 9 16:08:32 2017

    Spain's National Frequency Allocation Chart (CNAF) released on October 27 contained some good news for radio amateurs there. Spain now has adopted the global, secondary 60-meter Amateur Radio allocation of 5,351.5-5,366.5 kHz, as agreed upon at World Radiocommunication Conference 2015.

    The Radio Club of Argentina has announced that hams in Argentina soon will have privileges in the 630- and 60-meter bands, as well as extended allocations at 160, 80, and 30 meters. The new allocations, which go into effect in 90 days, are 472-479 kHz (630 meters) and 5,351.5-5,366.5 kHz (60 meters).

    Hams in Argentina also will be permitted to use 1,800-2,000 kHz in the 160-meter band; 3,500-4,000 kHz in the 80/75-meter band, and 10,100-10,150 kHz in the 30-meter band - the same allocations available in the US.

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