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the BBS Xchange


    From Phantomrage@VERT/PRS to All on Tue Mar 6 08:48:00 2012

    If anyone is in the NV location, Minden,Carson,Tahoe,Reno,Sparks etc.

    Our club has repeaters that are linked and we welcome any new hams.

    145.270 - PL141.3 High level site 7800+ feet.
    440.300 + PL141.3 low level linked to NVLLRC
    443.975 + PL123.0 low level linked

    Or you can find us on echolink KC7STW-R or KD7FPK-R (FPK) is a better connection at this point since I am having routing issues with the Cisco 2600 router.


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