• SSB Fine Tuning

    From Fringe@VERT to All on Mon Jul 3 15:32:07 2017

    I have a Realistic DX-160 and enjoy scanning at the D, C and D bands.

    It's primarily a AM radio, however, the set does have a SSB mode and BPO Pitch / Band Spread.

    My question is, its very difficult to tune a proper AM down to SSB, yet immensely important to do so, as signal quality therefore broadcast quality is greatly improved.

    A regular AM station has many voices, which when set to broadcast, become confused.. as it is commonly said, AM radio broadcast always sounds loud.

    I think that the broadcast station, from the board and from what is then received from the antenna, tries to continually set the correct "pitch" from my very limited understanding of transmuting.

    I'm able to set the BPO and Band Spread dials to a correct enough level to go from pure tone, the BPO signal overtakes the broadcast signal, to pitch distortion, to crash, to eventually slow enough that the BPO tone and band spread match well enough.

    Here's a simple diagram:

    A Pure tone
    B Tone with broadcast in pitch distortion
    C Broadcast with distortion at a scale
    D Exact match
    C ...
    B ...
    A ...

    The exact match still has distortion, however, the clarity of the broadcast signal outweighs the signal distortion, allowing a broadcast at a finer quality than a normal AM scan can permit.

    The distortion is an audible wave, which depending on the direction of the dial, moves in a direction of scale.

    One end has a rapid wave, the other end has a rapid wave, and between there is a single long wave, which when found, is the example as seen by "D Exact match".

    My question, then, is ... If the band spread dial on this DX-160 is able to, along with the BPO Pitch, able to read "D Exact match", can an additional set of hardware functions provide a finer scale of magnitude beyond that?


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