• State and Local Governments Honor Amateur Radio in Advance of Field Day 2017

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    Each year as ARRL Field Day[1] approaches, state and local governments have traditionally taken the opportunity to honor Amateur Radio in the form of various proclamations. This year is no exception.

    o In Nevada, Governor Brian Sandoval has proclaimed June as Amateur Radio Month. Sandoval's proclamation cited the ability of Amateur Radio volunteers "to provide their tireless service, personal equipment, and technological capabilities in the interest of the citizens of Nevada and the United States." He also praised Amateur Radio's part in encouraging the pursuit of educational and career opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.
    o The Board of Commissioners in Palm Beach County, Florida, have proclaimed June 19-25 as Amateur Radio Week. The proclamation takes note of ARRL Field Day's role as an emergency preparedness exercise, praised Amateur Radio volunteers' "countless hours" in supporting communication in the wake of disasters and emergencies as well as for community events, and expressed appreciation for the SKYWARN weather-spotting program. 
    o Idaho Governor Butch Otter has proclaimed June 19-25 as Amateur Radio Week in his state, to recognize those who volunteer to support emergency communication after conventional telecommunications fail. Otter also noted ARRL Field Day as an emergency preparedness exercise as well as a public demonstration of "skills and readiness to provide self-supporting communications without further infrastructure."
    o In declaring June 19-26 as Amateur Radio Operator Week, Texas Governor Greg Abbott noted Amateur Radio's contribution to technology as well as at times "when other forms of communication may be unavailable or unreliable, Amateur Radio operators have stepped into the void to relay critical emergency information." Abbott concluded, "In times of crisis and in times of calm, ham radio operators' commitment to community remains steadfast."
    o In Florida, Governor Rick Scott has proclaimed June 19-25 as Amateur Radio Week, in recognition of Amateur Radio's contributions in providing "a critical communications link" in disasters and emergencies as well as at public events. He also cited the role radio amateurs play in the SKYWARN program.
    o New Hampshire Governor Christopher Sununu declared June as Amateur Radio Month in the Granite State, citing the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) program and Amateur Radio volunteer efforts in emergencies and during public events. "Amateur Radio once again proved its undisputed relevance in the modern world by providing emergency communications when other systems failed in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing and hurricanes Sandy and Katrina," the proclamation said.
    o The City of Poway, California, has declared the week of June 17 as Amateur Radio Field Day Week there. A proclamation is to be presented on June 17 during a ham radio breakfast gathering, at which members of the City Council will be present. The proclamation cites the value of Amateur Radio in providing public service and emergency communication.
    o In Illinois, Governor Bruce Rauner has proclaimed June as Amateur Radio Month. His proclamation noted that Amateur Radio "provides excellent volunteer emergency communications" for various agencies. It also points out that "by continuous learning and experimentation, Amateur Radio operators help to forward the science of electronics and radio-related communications" and inspires young people to pursue career opportunities in radio and electronics.
    o In Massachusetts, Governor Charles Baker has proclaimed June 24 as Amateur Radio Day. His proclamation cited Amateur Radio's role in emergency and disaster communication as well as its role in providing "community support and technical training to local service clubs, organizations, and interested citizens." In separate resolutions, the Massachusetts House and Senate commended ARRL Field Day.
    o In Indiana, Governor Eric Holcomb has proclaimed June 19-25 as Amateur Radio Week. He cited Field Day's function as an emergency preparedness exercise and recognized Amateur Radio's role in emergency response and communication support for public events.
    o In South Carolina, the Grand Strand Amateur Radio Club (GSARC) on June 13 accepted an Amateur Radio Week proclamation from the City of Myrtle Beach.

    Field Day takes place June 24-25. The Field Day Locator[2] displays public Field Day sites that members of the public and media can visit.



    [1] http://www.arrl.org/field-day
    [2] http://www.arrl.org/field-day-locator

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