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    From Tommyknocker@VERT to All on Tue Aug 23 19:17:37 2011
    I have now made qso's that my signal traveled almost 1/2 million miles. On 2 Meters no less.

    I have a friend, K6MYC Mike and he has been bugging me to get more into UHF/VHF and play with EME. That is Earth Moon Earth, also known as moon bounce. I used my antenna building rack and set up a temporary array just above the ground. For antennas, KF6ZXO had 4 Cushcraft 215WB antennas from estate sale and just sitting around. I cleaned and repaired them, built my own phasing cables and got on the moon with a borrowed 300 watt 2 meter amp. We are running WSJT and using my IC-706 MKII G.
    First try worked Germany, Russia, and Germany again. Played a few days. manually steering the array. Currently work 7 countries on 2 meter EME. Now array is down and I am building a tower and home brew elevation system using a jack shaft from an old satelitte dish. Should be back on the moon in a few days.
    Photos up on web site. Find it via QRZ.COM

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