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  • Damn

    From Pparker@VERT/OUTWEST to Nightfox on Sat Jul 29 21:03:45 2017
    Damn, why do I keep forgeting to paste my quotes.

    I believe that probably applies to things like DVDs and blu-ray discs
    too. The interesting thing is that they usually add copy protection to those kinds of discs to prevent people from
    making copies.. If you're legally allowed to make a backup of things you own, does that mean
    you're legally allowed to use software tools that crack the copy protection? I've seen legal disclaimers shown on
    video discs that (I believe) say it's illegal to even make a copy of the disc..

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  • From Nightfox@VERT/DIGDIST to Pparker on Mon Jul 31 09:28:58 2017
    Re: Damn
    By: Pparker to Nightfox on Sat Jul 29 2017 09:03 pm

    Damn, why do I keep forgeting to paste my quotes.

    Paste? You don't have to copy & paste quote lines - When replying to a message, normally the message editor lets you select the lines from the message you're replying to that you want to quote.


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