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    From Daryl Stout@VERT/TBOLT to DENN on Tue Jul 25 08:21:00 2017
    The way Windows 7 is, I have to enter a password to get into it at
    logon (I prefer it that way). Then, I have run several items as Administrator...Synchronet gets loaded last.

    I set mine up so if power goes out windows reboots when power comes back, and D>Synchronet auto loads.

    I've got a password set up on my systems, so one has to enter it
    before Windows 7 starts. I have to do it whenever there's a Windows
    Update (at least twice a month), or another software update requiring a

    Before I run SBBS, I run:

    A) Sunrise Doors InterBBS Processing
    B) Internet Rex into Daemon Mode

    Then, I run the following in Administrator Mode:

    1) Peer Block (works with Synchronet to keep out a bunch of bots, etc.)
    2) BF Connect (tells that the BBS is online)
    3) DYN Updater (with
    4) Classic Phone Tools (for the Fax Modem via MagicJack Plus)

    Once all that's done, I load Synchronet Control Panel.

    It takes a bit, but it works.
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