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  • NSA Hardware Modification

    From Khelair@VERT/TINFOIL to Deneb on Thu Jan 29 08:14:48 2015
    Yep, looks like it was in the message that got aborted. My bad. So anyway, let me see if I can find some links about the fact that the NSA captures hardware en route and modifies it before shipping it on to its destination: ter-deliveries/4244181/

    That one is a hell of a good start. They do it with largescale routers, smallscale systems, all kinds of crap. Damn bastards. The only machines I still really trust to have any sort of chance at getting something encrypted out over the wire before it's caught cleartext are 386 generation machines and before. And who knows, that might be a pipe dream, too. But yeah, I try to encrypt everything I can, just to add to their electricity bill and processing time required, if nothing else. :P

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