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    From Mindless Automaton@VERT/ELDRITCH to Angus Mcleod on Sun Oct 16 21:54:20 2011
    Angus Mcleod wrote:
    Re: yes!!
    By: Hausmaus to Digital Man on Sat Mar 08 2003 17:50:00

    Actually happened to me when I was 16. ;)

    A friend of mine went to pick up his date and found her father cleaning a K-framed Smith with a stern expression on his face. My friend said "Hey! Mine
    is a Czech CZ-75!", dropped the clip, racked back the slide and handed it over
    for inspection.

    I don't think he went out with the girl for long, but he's still good friends with her old man...

    Hahaha! Thats story never gets old, Angus! Oh wait, its eight years
    old.. nevermind.

    -Mindless Automaton
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