• mosin nagant

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    Re: mosin nagant
    By: AhrenJB to Jcecmp on Thu Feb 03 2011 07:28 pm

    Right around $130, if you buy from a gun store. 80-100 online, similar price at a gunshow. Condition of the bore is the most important part.


    I went to a gun show once,they had every differnt type on display! I almost had five dollars to spend one, but they caught that at the door. I looked and looked for hours, just guessing what I would do with each one I tried to grasp.
    but the show only was on for two days, and in my state it takes THREE waiting days for check-in to get a handgun; some states don't have that law.
    Anyhow, thanks for the insight, I recall that at the show the amount of stacked up rifles might be distracting, but if you just ask someone, they can point you where you need to go.


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