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  • Audiophile Chat On Music In 2012

    From The Millionaire@VERT/PARKAVE to All on Mon Aug 13 14:29:14 2012
    If you have heard any of the following albums recently what was your opinions of them:

    Madonna - MDNA (2012)
    Garbage - Not Your Kind Of People (2012)
    Rush - Clockwork Angels (2012)
    The Fixx - Beautiful Friction (2012)

    1. My two cents on Madonna was good sounding but wasn't her style since she
    was getting back at Lady Gaga, therefore she became historically extinct now.

    2. Garbage exceeded my expectations and wasn't as bad as I thought it would

    3. Rush, well I expected another solid album like Snakes and Arrows was, so I found this album to be rather disappointing in general.

    4. The Fixx really made a good sounding album but wasn't as experimental as they were in the old days so that was the only drawback to this album though.

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