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    Was left with a heavy heart this morning after learning from a tweet that David Zablidowsky / aka "David Z", was killed in a crash on I-75. My brother just picked up their (Adrenaline Mob's) new CD on the 13th and we were on the phone last night talkin' about it.

    Here's what i learned off the Wiki: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On July 14, 2017, the band's RV was hit by a tractor trailer in Micanopy, Florida, while they were travelling to St. Petersburg for a concert. The RV had pulled off the I-75 due to a flat tire. One person was killed.Later that night, former drummer Mike Portnoy confirmed via Twitter that the fatality was bassist David Zablidowsky.

    On March 22, 2017, the band announced the release of a new album called We The People, with its title, album artwork and some songs inspired by the United States presidential election, 2016. They also announced a new bass player and drummer: David "Dave Z" Zablidowsky (who plays with Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Jeff Scott Soto band) and Jordan Cannata, respectively. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    My condolences to his family and friends. Loved the band since it's inception. They lost their 2nd drummer (A.J. Pero - RIP) in 2015.

    On an uplifting note, i want to say i appreciate everyone here that helps keep things going in the BBS community. Big shout out to Rob (Digital Man) for his tireless efforts with his Synchronet BBS Software and for all the resources he provides keeping the Dovenet alive and well all these years. Not to mention all the seemingly endless questions he provides us answers for by staying active in all the subs.

    Anyway, just wanted to try and express a big Mahalo to everyone for everything they do for bbsing and the bbs community. I know Sysops and Authors rarely get any praise or thanks for their tireless efforts and i just wanted to make sure the group here on Dove knows how much their efforts and participation has meant to me over the yars. That's right, i'm old, fat, and from the midwest so i can say YARS instead of years. ;)

    Stay safe Dovenet Community!
    Best Wishes
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