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    From Jagossel@VERT/MTLGEEK to Roadhog on Sat Nov 18 07:21:59 2017
    Re: News Alert
    By: Roadhog to CNN Breaking News on Fri Nov 17 2017 23:34:14

    I find it strange that CNN is'nt covering all the sex scandals by Democrats but will spend weeks on a sex scandal by a Republican, lets face it both lef and right have alot of morally corupt jerks and all should be exposed.

    I have seen one post from here about NJ Senator Menendez's trail being a hung juroy/mistrial and one longer post about Former President George H. W. Bush.

    I am really bothered by the fact that Senator Menendez has gotten away with it, practically. It's a sickening notion that if you're in power, you can get away with just about anything. There has been and still is a huge problem with sexual assault in our government, and both side are up in arms when it's not their party, but turns a blind eye when it's their own (applies to both sides).

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