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  • News Alert: Drinking water from a polluted site

    From CNN Breaking News@VERT to on Mon Oct 16 07:03:31 2017
    A tall chain link fence, shrouded in vines, surrounds an aging water well tucked away in Dorado, a small town just west of San Juan. A metal sign carries a warning in Spanish to anyone who approaches: "Danger. Do Not Enter."

    That doesn't stop Juan Carlos Oquendo, 39, from peeling away a corner of the fence and jumping inside. He's brought a van load of containers to fill.

    But what he doesn't fully understand is that water from the faucet is potentially contaminated with industrial chemicals that can cause serious health issues.

    Oquendo stresses that he's willing to take this chance because access to clean water in his neighborhood has been extremely difficult for much of the last month since Hurricane Maria wiped out Puerto Rico's water system.

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