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  • Apple introduces $999 iPhone X

    From CNN Breaking News@VERT to on Tue Sep 12 12:14:13 2017
    Ten years after the launch of the first iPhone, Apple has revealed the anniversary edition iPhone X[1].

    The company on Tuesday also unveiled the iPhone 8 and bigger iPhone 8 Plus, and a new cellular Apple Watch.

    The new iPhone X kills the home button to make space for a larger screen. The loss of the home button means no more fingerprint sensor. To unlock the phone, you use your face with a new technology called Face ID. 

    It also has an edge-to-edge display, glass on the front and back, and a surgical-grade stainless steel band around the edges. The 5.8-inch OLED display packs 458 pixels per inch. 

    The iPhone X will start at $999 and start shipping November 3.

    The iPhone 8 devices are faster, sturdier and better at snapping photos. They also feature Qi-based wireless charging, which Apple thinks will be available at coffee shops, stores and airports around the world in the near future.

    The iPhone 8 will start at $699 and the iPhone 8 Plus is $799 for 64 GB models. Pre-orders start Friday.

    The waterproof Apple Watch has an even greater focus on fitness and health. For example, it flags users when it detects an elevated pulse. 

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