• News Alert: Poll finds Trump is more popular than Congress

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    Both Democrats and Republicans in Congress have earned the ire of most Americans, according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS, with nearly seven in 10 (68%) judging the Republican Congress a failure[1].

    Approval of the current Republican leaders in Congress has dropped from 39% in January to just 24% now. President Trump gets the approval of 38% of Americans in the poll.

    Only one in three Americans (34%) say they approve of Democratic leaders in Congress, while six in 10 (59%) disapprove.

    Congress left for its August recess without passing any sweeping, comprehensive legislation, failing in its attempt to pass something on health care and leaving tax reform on the docket. A vote on the debt ceiling looms this fall.

    Separately, a CNN poll found that 70% of Americans feel the President's finances are fair game in a probe of Russian meddling[2] in the 2016 US elections. The poll was conducted in the wake of news that federal investigators are looking into whether Trump and his associates have financial ties to Russia.

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