• Graham: 'Skinny repeal' a 'fraud'

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    GOP Sens. Lindsey Graham, John McCain and Ron Johnson are demanding assurances the "skinny repeal" bill will go into a conference committee if passed in the Senate[1].

    They said they won't vote yes without a guarantee the House won't pass this version, calling it a "fraud" of a replacement for Obamacare.

    "The worst possible outcome is to pass something that most of us believe is a placeholder and it becomes the final product," Graham said, who earlier in the day had called the proposal a "political cop-out" and a "disaster."

    The "skinny repeal" plan[2] would likely eliminate the individual mandate, which requires nearly all Americans to obtain health insurance or pay a penalty, and the employer mandate, which obligates larger companies to provide affordable coverage to their full-time workers. The plan would also get rid of the Obamacare tax on medical device makers.

    "I am not going to vote for the skinny bill if I am not assured by the House for a conference where my idea and other ideas can be taken up," Graham said.

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