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  • Russia/Ukraine/Crimea rabble-rabble-rabble-rabble

    From Khelair@VERT/TINFOIL to All on Fri Apr 11 17:58:18 2014
    I wasn't sure exactly where I was going to stand with this one,
    but I'm thinking it's falling into the way that I see things fairly
    simply. Russia, and Putin, are doing wonderful in their roles of
    counter to the obvious clear and present danger of US global dominion.
    Their central bank? Owned by the Rothschilds.
    Looking a little bit more into the situation with where things
    stand on Ukraine . . . Well, I probably would've let that stuff slide,
    because it wasn't personal enough to me. I remember when I let that
    happen during the Clinton administration when I was still wet behind the
    ears enough to not know what his 'intervention' in Bosnia meant. I had
    no idea that they've literally held the Ukraine by the collective scrote
    with that damn gas pipeline for so long. Was that a damn state secret
    or something that was released a la wikileaks? I swear to jaweh, never
    seen that bit of intel befoar in my life.
    Crimea... Well that's where I start delving back into the
    aquaintances from the years 2000-2001. In particular, a Ukranian
    refugee friend of mine whom I'm trying to get back in touch with at this particular time. He spoke five or six languages. Knew windows inside
    and out; taught me a bit of Cyrillic, and he knew what it looked like
    when the U.S.S.R. fell. From what I remember him telling me about it,
    it looked a lot like the scenes that I've seen outside of my house, car,
    bus, and airplane windows in the USA the last few years . . .

    -- guh up the effbomb down wif yr bad self

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