• Network Updates

    From Vk3jed@432:1/101 to All on Fri Aug 5 09:29:07 2022
    Hi all,

    I've been a bit slack in updating everyone on network happenings. There have been a number of changes that affect the IRLP reflector and associated systems. By channel, here they are:

    Channel 0:
    This is the big one. The VK Multilink Hub has now become part of the Pride Network. This is an international network that currently has 3 servers, with more coming. The network primarily serves the LGBTIQA+ ham radio community, but other groups do hold nets there, including a local radio club I'm a member of, as well as the Youth Amateur Radio Club.

    In addition to IRLP 9550, the Pride Network has multiple access points on EchoLink, AllStar, DMR, Fusion (YSF and WIRES-X), NXDN, P25, M17 and D-STAR.

    Channel 1:
    No recent changes. This hosts the *ALARA* EchoLink conference, which is the home of the Australian Ladies Amateur Radio Association, who hold regular nets here.

    Channel 2:
    This is now available for general use - IRLP only.

    Channel 3:
    No recent changes. EchoLink *VKEMCOMM*. Channel is available for general use when not required by WICEN or similar groups for emergency communications or training. WICEN and similar emergency communication organisations are welcome to use 9553.

    Channel 4:
    IRLP International Topic channel - Emergency Communications. This channel is subject to review and may change.

    Channel 5:
    Experimental transcoding conference, also available on EchoLink as VK3IRL-R. Standard IRLP nodes will connect using uLaw by default, if enabled. However, it is possible to write a custom connect script that will allow the use of any IRLP codec, and if your radio hardware supports it, full duplex connections are possible and welcomed.

    Channel 6:
    ANZEL network. This is a major international network with many nets. For further information, see https://anzel.radio/home.html .

    Channel 7:
    No change - General use.

    Channel 8:
    No Change *VK3JED* EchoLink conference, scheduled nets welcome.

    Channel 9:
    No Change *AUSSIE* EchoLink conference, International ragchewing.
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