• M17 Support

    From Vk3jed@432:1/101 to All on Tue Apr 13 09:36:40 2021
    Just a quick announcement to inform everyone that the multimode gateway linked to REF9550 now supports the new open source M17 digital mode.

    M17 access is via a dedicated new reflector, M17-432 D. Any M17 traffic here will appear on the 7 other modes supported as well.

    M17-432 supports 26 channels, and the other 25 (all except D) are currently independent M17 only. Some of these channels may be linked to other M17 reflectors in the future, which is supported natively by the reflector software.
    --- SBBSecho 3.10-Linux
    * Origin: Freeway BBS Bendigo,Australia freeway.apana.org.au (432:1/101)