• kcgi!

    From Dacav Doe@dacav@tilde.institute to tilde.projects on Wed Dec 9 09:34:31 2020
    I recently started to play a bit around this: https://kristaps.bsd.lv/kcgi/

    It turns out to be extremely convenient to write a little C program to handle fastcgi requests, and I've tried lighttpd as a front-end: the set-up gets really trivial.

    I'd like to use it and construct a "personal assistant" which is loyal to me, and not to some big-brother company :-)
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  • From rdh@rdh@tilde.institute to tilde.projects on Fri Jan 8 13:06:04 2021
    kcgi is included by default in OpenBSD, and available on ~.institute! It's
    a foundational part of the BCHS stack[1]! Personally, I think programming
    in C is more fun than using more "featureful" programming languages like
    Python or Go. It's definitely more time consuming, though.

    [1] https://learnbchs.org/


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