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    From amitla@amitla@dimension.sh (Amitla) to tilde.projects on Sat Mar 4 02:29:07 2023
    Here is a couple of...

    1. Mozart's music generator. I think you don't know this. Mozart and Beethoven worked
    on automatic music composing. Here is my online tool to generate Menuets per Mozart's algorithm.
    It's written in C/Linux. Sounds good. But this is not a composing, just emulation.
    From point of view of regular person it is composing. For composer, it is not. When I was a student of the University I did very serious scientific reserch
    on computer composing. My final conclusion is - computers will never be able to compose music. Period. This conclusion is based on deep music theory and computer's
    logic. Never.

    2. Fake news generator. As you know, fake news creation is
    national Russian tradition of art. I am an expert Troll and I know this process very good. But I need automation. Something is working good, but the result is worse than if I has written the fake news myself, manually. Still working on this.
    I'm not ready to show you anything.

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