• What is this cliche "spooky" music box tune?

    From xwindows@xwindows@tilde.club to tilde.art.music on Sun Jun 13 16:17:34 2021
    You opened your eyes...

    You're standing in front of an abandoned mansion...

    You feel the chill night wind blowing...

    You hear the sound metal gate creaking...

    And a familiar music box tune starts playing...

    K:F octave=2
    %%MIDI program 10
    D2 F<dc5/2
    D2 F<^A=A4
    F2 A<^d=d5/2
    D2 F<dc5/2
    D2 F<^A=A5/2
    G3/2F3/2 A3/2^d3/2=d5/2


    Cliche, isn't it?

    I have heard this tune for many times, mostly in mild-horror contexts
    usually in advertisements and videogames; and sometimes in some non-horror contexts too [2].

    I believe many people are familar with this tune. I wonder, however:
    what is the name of this composition, and who composed it?

    Any ideas?


    [1] https://tilde.club/~xwindows/temp/2021-06-13/unidentified.ogg

    ^ For anyone who don't have a synth and ABC2MIDI tool at hand

    [2] I vaguely remember hearing at least the last four notes
    in Micro$oft Zoo Tycoon videogame.
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    I'm spooked
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    On Fri, 25 Jun 2021, tonede@f.troll wrote:


    YES! That is it, thank you!

    The variant I have heard seems to follow the American melody [1],
    which was not documented as well as its British one;
    so I got sidetracked a bit.

    Thanks again,

    [1] https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Rock-a-bye_Baby_and_Lillibulero.png --
    xwindows' gallery of freely-licensed artwork
    https://tilde.club/~xwindows/ http://tilde.club/~xwindows/ gopher://tilde.club/1/~xwindows/
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