• Icedrake sound setup

    From Anna Christina Nass@39:170/5824.1 to All on Fri Jun 24 12:05:00 2022

    are here any other users of an Icedrake accelerator card, or any other Vampire v4-based Amiga?

    I'm searching for hints on how to configure AHI 'correctly' for best
    audio output.
    I don't understand all AHI options yet, which might complicate things
    a little :)

    Currently, I've configured the arne.device (the Icedrake/Vampire audio device) and got two output devices in AHI.

    But when I select one of these devices in the EaglePlayer AHI output
    module, the sound quality is worse than with the default Paula output
    module (crackings and other distortions).

    I'm using AmigaOS 3.2.1, btw.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you!


    --- OpenXP 5.0.56
    * Origin: Imzadi Box Point (39:170/5824.1)