• Announcing AmiDeb - An Amiga Emulator system.

    From Stephen Walsh@3:633/280 to All on Wed Jul 27 21:58:44 2022
    AmiDeb has been released.

    What is AmiDeb:

    AmiDeb is a bare Linux install with just enough to run FS-UAE.

    At the end of the installation of AmiDeb you have a real Debian Linux
    system, with the benefit of being able to update and customise the system.

    Mounting of a real CD-Rom/DVD from the host is supported. (See A3000

    As AmiDeb uses FS-UAE, all features of FS-UAE on Linux are

    Mounting of real Amiga formatted Hard drives.
    Tools on the Linux side: nano (Editor), mc (Midnight Commander [File
    Manager]), linux network tools.

    Runing a Text based front end, FS-UAE is then launched for your Amiga experience.

    See the Website at: https://amiga.vk3heg.net


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