• Okay well let's try that again; new classes in C# Forms

    From Khelair@VERT/TINFOIL to All on Thu Mar 12 05:43:50 2015
    Okay, I know that I didn't get much of anything on my last question, but this one is a little different, so let's give this a shot, too.
    I've got an application that I've been coding for several years now (well, coded for several months, set down for several years, and then came back to). I forgot the code base pretty thoroughly, especially as it was during a period where I didn't use the language in the slightest during that interim.
    Now that I'm coming back to it, I'm finding (with the slightly better software engineering instruction that I've had) that it's an unmaintainable monolith. So I'm trying to create sub-classes, within the form, that will hold different chunks of my logic methods and properties.
    This seems to be working alright, for the most part. Unfortunately when I am trying to access the form elements themselves, I can't find the right namespace. The primary form (same namespace and physical file as the classes that are under it, obviously, including this one) named 'frmDANT' prepended to the front of the textBoxName.attribute isn't working, neither is the top level namespace, parent., this., or anything else I can think of to try. Does anybody around here know anything more on this (I can provide code examples on github easily to be more specific), any good tutorials on breaking up a forms project from monolith into something with logic accessing the same form in discrete classes, or even some good code examples of this?
    Anything is greatly appreciated. TIA


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    Re: Okay well let's try that again; new classes in C# Forms
    By: Khelair to All on Thu Mar 12 2015 05:43 am

    While I admire your dedication to the medium of BBS'ing, and it's a good place for casual banter, if you really want to get your question before an audience or get instant help on something major like C#, I'd recommend jumping on irc.freenode.net and joining the C# channel. They've got bigger dorks there than on the synchronet boards. I know nothing of C# beyond the fact it has a lot of black keys. Anyhow, that's my recommendation. Like 100's of people in a channel about a given programming project/language/etc sometimes, and that's the case with c#
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