• MarcusNet To-Do list

    From Deavmi@VERT/TECHQRY to All on Sat Nov 28 03:29:14 2015
    I just think I needed to put this here as a roadmap for the MarcusNet project.

    1. Simultaneous connections (forking packet reading with ncat and environment variables)
    2. Info Port system - This will allow users to have to only know the IP and port of the MarcusNet node to be able to connect to the news server and (other services in the future), as the info port server will send the configuration to the user.
    3. Authentication
    4. File integrity
    5. Better client
    6. Encryption
    7. Better post numbering system
    8. \n interpretation
    9. MarcusNet ditributed network (to allow MarcusNet nodes to mirror posts and other data for to-be services around the network.)
    10. Chat system
    11. Mail-like system
    12. And more...


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