• Serial In -> Telnet out

    From no2pencil@VERT/ECBBS to All on Fri Oct 7 00:47:22 2016
    So I'm perplexed, I've setup a Waffle BBS on a 486/P1 that takes telnet in COM1 via a lantronix MSS100. What I am trying to do is use mTCP to telnet back out for connecting to some of the massive game servers out there. The problem is that the telnet client on the BBS when ran via command is running on the PC, however the connected client only sees the mTCP header. Commands issued via the client over the lantronix execute on the BBS, & therefore on the telnet session, but on the client screen they are blind.

    You can see it not work for yourself, telnet waffle.c4bmore.com port 2001

    For the last two evenings I have been looking via Google for telnet gateway or proxy, however most results are individuals trying to get the telnet into the serial port working. I'm sure the solution isn't difficult, I'm just not sure what keyword that I am missing here.

    Thank you.

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