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  • Local Man Does, In Fact, Own The Frequency

    From Ham Hijinks de WD1CKS@VERT/WLARB to QST on Wed Apr 20 21:31:03 2016
    By WBORUR[1], on the scene

    PORT O' GLOOM, GEORGIA - A Chickasaw County man has become the first amateur radio operator to officially purchase an HF radio frequency, the Federal Communications Commission announced today in a noon hour media luncheon.

    Between bites of cucumber sandwiches and small squares of bread slathered with pimento cheese, FCC spokesman Pontus "Smokey" Blumenthal told reporters gathered at the Tri-County Technical College dining hall that the sale is "?part of the government's plan to generate revenue from 'under-performing' slices of the radio spectrum."

    Using a lottery system, local ham radio operator Buzz Sanders (175 Fisherman's Landing), accepted purchase of 14.281 MHz in the 20 meter amateur radio band.

    A retired auto industry worker, Sanders says he'll pay $2500 for the frequency over 35 monthly payments with a large balloon payment in month 36.

    "It seemed like a fair deal to me," he said. "When I get ready to work a contest, have a rag chew, want to tune up on the air, or just create some random QRM, I can use 14.281. And if someone gets belligerent, I'll remind them that as a matter of fact I DO own the frequency!"

    Sanders says he's already thinking about subletting the frequency after several large contesting organizations contacted him in recent days.

    Blumenthal shared that the FCC is also considering a "lease-to-own" frequency program, with the option to return the frequency to the government at the end of the lease term if propagation isn't suitable to the operator.

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