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  • Bon Jovi's 17 Album Vinyl Box Set, "Bon Jovi: The Albums" Pre-order

    From tbirdsradio@VERT/TBIRDS to All on Thu Nov 17 12:27:41 2016
    Bon Jovi's Massive, Career-Spanning, 17-Album Vinyl Box Set, "Bon Jovi: The Albums," Can Be Pre-ordered Now For Its February 2017 Release

    Entire Discography Now Remastered And Available

    Individually On High-Quality Vinyl By Island/UMe

    LOS ANGELES, Nov. 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- With over 130 million albums sold, an extensive catalog of hit anthems, and nearly 3000 concerts performed in 50 countries for over 35 million fans, Bon Jovi is simply one of the world's most successful bands, ever. As their new album, This House Is Not For Sale, debuts at #1 in the US, Australia and Japan and in the Top 5 in 54 other countries, Island/UMe announces that a comprehensive vinyl box set of 25-LPs, entitled Bon Jovi: The Albums, will be released in February 2017. It will include all Bon Jovi albums and additional titles (as outlined below) for premium collectors. The box set release will coincide with the kick-off of the band's This House Is Not For Sale Tour in North America. Check out the contents of the career-spanning box set in the unboxing trailer here and pre-order now:

    Alternately, Island/UMe has made every Bon Jovi album from the past thirty-two years available for individual purchase on high-quality vinyl now. Fans can purchase individual albums now at

    Every vinyl album preserves the original look and sound of the originals - all LP jackets are exact replicas of the original album cover and songs have been mastered to the band's specifications to ensure exceptional audio quality. There are also plenty of "firsts" - this will be the first time Bon Jovi's albums from the 2000's have been pressed in any territory before, others will receive their first-ever U.S. vinyl releases, while many are being pressed for the first time in decades.

    Bon Jovi has created some of the most recognizable songs ever. From ubiquitous hits like "Livin' On A Prayer," "You Give Love A Bad Name," "Bad Medicine," "Always" and "It's My Life" to back-to-back-to-back-to-back #1 albums - Lost Highway, The Circle, What About Now, and This House Is Not For Sale - their music, filled with indelible melodies and infectious hooks has created an enduring, ongoing legacy.

    The band's 14th album, This House Is Not For Sale, is available now on Island/UMG, and reunites Bon Jovi with Grammy Awardr-winning producer John Shanks, who began working with the band in 2005, on the RIAA platinum Have A Nice Day, which entered the charts at #1 in 15 countries worldwide. This is Bon Jovi's first major release since 2013's What About Now, which was the band's third consecutive multi-platinum album to enter Soundscan at #1 (following Lost Highway in 2007 and The Circle in 2009).

    Albums available on vinyl now:

    Bon Jovi (1984)
    7800° Fahrenheit (1985)
    Slippery When Wet (1986)
    New Jersey (1988) *available as a double LP for best possible audio quality Keep The Faith (1992) *first-ever vinyl pressing in the U.S.
    These Days (1995) *first-ever vinyl pressing in the U.S. with two bonus tracks previously unavailable here
    Crush (2000) *never before on vinyl
    Bounce (2002) *never before on vinyl
    Have A Nice Day (2005) *never before on vinyl
    Lost Highway (2007) *never before on vinyl
    The Circle (2009) *never before on vinyl
    What About Now (2013) *never before on vinyl
    This House Is Not For Sale (2016) *120-gram vinyl pressing

    In February, the career-spanning 25-LP box set will include the above, plus five additional albums:
    Blaze Of Glory (Jon Bon Jovi) (1990)
    Destination Anywhere (Jon Bon Jovi) (1997) *never before on vinyl
    Burning Bridges (2015) *never before on vinyl
    This House Is Not For Sale (2016) *Bon Jovi's 14th studio album, available as a 180-gram pressing
    Extras - a new compilation created exclusively for the box set featuring "Always" and international rarities

    BON JOVI (1984)

    Side A
    1. Runaway
    2. Roulette
    3. She Don't Know Me
    4. Shot Through The Heart
    5. Love Lies

    Side B
    1. Breakout
    2. Burning For Love
    4. Come Back
    5. Get Ready

    7800° FAHRENHEIT (1985)

    Side A
    1. In And Out Of Love
    2. The Price Of Love
    3. Only Lonely
    4. King Of The Mountain
    5. Silent Night

    Side B
    1. Tokyo Road
    2. The Hardest Part Is The Night
    3. Always Run To You
    4. (I Don't Wanna Fall) To The Fire
    5. Secret Dreams


    Side A
    1. Let It Rock
    2. You Give Love A Bad Name
    3. Livin' On A Prayer
    4. Social Disease
    5. Wanted Dead Or Alive

    Side B
    1. Raise Your Hands
    2. Without Love
    3. I'd Die For You
    4. Never Say Goodbye
    5. Wild In The Streets

    NEW JERSEY (1988)
    - Double LP for the first time

    Side A
    1. Lay Your Hands On Me
    2. Bad Medicine

    Side B
    1. Born To Be My Baby
    2. Living In Sin
    3. Blood On Blood

    Side C
    1. Homebound Train
    2. Wild Is The Wind
    3. Ride Cowboy Ride
    4. Stick To Your Guns

    Side D
    1. I'll Be There For You
    2. 99 In The Shade
    3. Love For Sale

    KEEP THE FAITH (1992)
    - First time on vinyl in U.S.

    Side A
    1. I Believe
    2. Keep The Faith
    3. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

    Side B
    1. In These Arms
    2. Bed Of Roses
    3. If I Was Your Mother

    Side C
    1. Dry County
    2. Woman In Love
    3. Fear

    Side D
    1. I Want You
    2. Blame It On The Love Of Rock & Roll
    3. Little Bit Of Soul

    THESE DAYS (1995)
    - First time on vinyl in U.S.

    Side A
    1. Hey God
    2. Something For The Pain
    3. This Ain't A Love Song

    Side B
    1. These Days
    2. Lie To Me
    3. Damned

    Side C
    1. My Guitar Lies Bleeding In My Arms
    2. (It's Hard) Letting You Go
    3. Hearts Breaking Even
    4. Something To Believe In

    Side D
    1. If That's What It Takes
    2. Diamond Ring
    3. All I Want Is Everything*
    4. Bitter Wine*
    * Previously not available in the U.S.

    CRUSH (2000)
    - First time on vinyl

    Side A
    1. It's My Life
    2. Say It Isn't So
    3. Thank You For Loving Me

    Side B
    1. Two Story Town
    2. Next 100 Years
    3. Just Older

    Side C
    1. Mystery Train
    2. Save The World
    3. Captain Crash & The Beauty Queen From Mars

    Side D
    1. She's A Mystery
    2. I Got The Girl
    3. One Wild Night

    BOUNCE (2002)
    - First time on vinyl

    Side A
    1. Undivided
    2. Everyday
    3. The Distance
    4. Joey
    5. Misunderstood
    6. All About Lovin' You

    Side B
    1. Hook Me Up
    2. Right Side Of Wrong
    3. Love Me Back To Life
    4. You Had Me From Hello
    5. Bounce
    6. Open All Night

    HAVE A NICE DAY (2005)
    - First time on vinyl

    Side A
    1. Have A Nice Day
    2. I Want To Be Loved
    3. Welcome To Wherever You Are

    Side B
    1. Who Says You Can't Go Home
    2. Last Man Standing
    3. Bells Of Freedom

    Side C
    1. Wildflower
    2. Last Cigarette
    3. I Am
    4. Complicated

    Side D
    1. Novocaine
    2. Story Of My Life
    3. Who Says You Can't Go Home (Duet Version)

    LOST HIGHWAY (2007)
    - First time on vinyl

    Side A
    1. Lost Highway
    2. Summertime
    3. (You Want To) Make A Memory
    4. Whole Lot Of Leavin'
    5. We Got It Going On
    6. Any Other Day

    Side B
    1. Seat Next To You
    2. Everybody's Broken
    3. Till We Ain't Strangers Anymore
    4. The Last Night
    5. One Step Closer
    6. I Love This Town

    THE CIRCLE (2009)
    - First time on vinyl

    Side A
    1. We Weren't Born To Follow
    2. When We Were Beautiful
    3. Work For The Working Man

    Side B
    1. Superman Tonight
    2. Bullet
    3. Thorn In My Side

    Side C
    1. Live Before You Die
    2. Brokenpromiseland
    3. Love's The Only Rule

    Side D
    1. Fast Cars
    2. Happy Now
    3. Learn To Love

    WHAT ABOUT NOW (2013)
    - First time on vinyl

    Side A
    1. Because We Can
    2. I'm With You
    3. What About Now

    Side B
    1. Pictures of You
    2. Amen
    3. That's What the Water Made Me

    Side C
    1. What's Left of Me
    2. Army of One
    3. Thick As Thieves

    Side D
    1. Beautiful World
    2. Room At the End of the World
    3. The Fighter


    - First time on vinyl

    Side A
    1. A Teardrop To The Sea
    2. We Don't Run
    3. Saturday Night Gave Me Sunday Morning
    4. We All Fall Down
    5. Blind Love

    Side B
    1. Who Would You Die For
    2. Fingerprints
    3. Life Is Beautiful
    4. I'm Your Man
    5. Burning Bridges

    - First time on 180-gram vinyl

    Side A
    1. This House Is Not For Sale
    2. Living With The Ghost
    3. Knockout
    4. Labor Of Love
    5. Born Again Tomorrow
    6. Roller Coaster

    Side B
    1. New Year's Day
    2. The Devil's In The Temple
    3. Scars On This Guitar
    4. God Bless This Mess
    5. Reunion
    6. Come On Up To Our House


    Side A
    1. Billy Get Your Guns
    2. Miracle
    3. Blaze Of Glory
    4. Blood Money
    5. Santa Fe

    Side B
    1. Justice In The Barrel
    2. Never Say Die
    3. You Really Got Me Now
    4. Bang A Drum
    5. Dyin' Ain't Much Of A Livin'
    6. Guano City

    - First time on vinyl

    Side A
    1. Queen Of New Orleans
    2. Janie, Don't Take Your Love To Town
    3. Midnight In Chelsea
    4. Ugly

    Side B
    1. Staring At Your Window With A Suitcase In My Hand
    2. Every Word Was A Piece Of My Heart
    3. It's Just Me

    Side C
    1. Destination Anywhere
    2. Learning How To Fall
    3. Naked

    Side D
    1. Little City
    2. August 7, 4:15
    3. Cold Hard Heart


    Side A
    1. Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
    2. No Apologies
    3. Postcards From The Wasteland *
    4. These Open Arms *
    5. Walk Like A Man

    Side B
    1. Neurotica *
    2. I Could Make A Living Out Of Loving You *
    3. What Do You Got?
    4. Dirty Little Secret *
    5. Always

    * Available in the U.S. for the first time

    SOURCE Island/UMe
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