the BBS Xchange
the BBS Xchange

  • RetroDigital BBS has returned!

    From Deepend to All on Wed Dec 2 23:33:54 2015 BBS - Let Retro Thrive!

    Telnet: telnet://
    Main Website:
    BBS Website:

    Message Networks:

    Fidonet: 1:342/11
    Gatornet: 57:57/28
    DoRENET: 44:100/7
    WhisperNet: 316:403/2
    Dove-NET, DeveloperNet, MusicalNet

    37 Usenet Newsgroups - Topics from Sports to Jukeboxes.

    Max Nodes: 10
    Messages: Over 573,000
    Files: 36,377 - More coming soon.

    BBSLink InterBBS Games:
    Lord, Lord2, Planets: TEOS, Operation: Overkill, Trade Wars 2002, Pimp
    Wars, Lunatix, BBS Crash, Global War.


    We decided to start a Social network that is just for Retro / Vintage computer users to Share their Retro / Vintage collections, experiences and thoughts with other users of same interests. No people that are just there to post what they do every minute of everyday.

    Come check us out at

    Users of can advertise their own Vintage/Retro / BBS Websites for FREE on Just contact us at: for more information.

    See you all there! We are also looking for feedback and suggestions of what features you would like to see.

    Lets put our resources to some use. Work together and grow things once and for all!

    We are all about preserving everything Retro, Including BBS related websites/services. If you have any great ideas to help preserve or bring back some interest in BBS's or Retro related stuff please drop us a line! It would be a shame to see all of this wonderful computer history end up just as history. Anything we can do to improve things we will attempt.

    Hope to talk to you all soon!